Promotional Graphics

An efficient way to get your point across is to use promotional graphics.
Millions of passengers pass through airports worldwide, and therefore catching their eye is a great asset for an opportunity.
In fact, many airlines are now using this opportunity to advertise both internally and externally on their aircraft.

Cabin Graphics and Advertising

The unused spaces in an aircraft cabin can easily be utilized. Specifically using these spaces for interior promotional graphics will offer a more beneficial platform for advertising and branding. For instance, in the adjacent image, the large overhead baggage compartments make a perfect advertising space. In addition to the baggage compartments, graphics can be placed on window blinds, tray tables, and seatbacks, which are fully visible to all during the flight.
It has been proven to be a highly effective way of catching the attention of thousands of passengers within a captive environment.
We can produce and supply cabin graphics using the most up-to-date equipment and using aircraft-approved vinyl.
All orders are provided with the relevant certifications of conformity.